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Hoshina Anniversary Remixes M-Flo – “She’s So Outta Control”

I’m usually down to geek out over anything 2NE1 end up associated with – have you heard “Scream?” Doing a fist pump right now – but man this song they did with Japanese hip-hop outfit M-Flo seems like a real waste of talent. 2NE1 don’t do any of the things that make them such an exciting pop group, rather reduced to singing a hook any J-Pop diva could have handled with a pretty lukewarm rap section thrown in. I mean seriously…they just have them say the first syllable of “volcano” a bunch of times. M-Flo, meanwhile, bring nothing memorable at all to this song, the group’s rapping and singing being the sort of thing you can probably outsource to some company nowadays for less money. “She’s So Outta Control” basically sounds like a Black Eyed Peas’ rip – “I’ve Got A Feeling” anyone? – which isn’t a good thing. And at this moment I remember 2NE1 are working with….

Hoshina Anniversary’s remix of “She’s So Outta Control” saves the song by getting rid of nearly everything in the original and just making it louder and more abrasive. His decision to warp some of the backing vocals so that they sound like goblins actually sounds like something 2NE1 would do. This might barely constitute a remix – he’s tossed out so much it barely resembles the original at all – but it’s so much better than the M-Flo original…hell, this actually sounds like it would be fun to dance to. So thanks Hoshina Anniversary, for making lackluster pop-rap great. Listen below.

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