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Smooth Operation: Night Vision’s “Dance With Me”

“Disco” is one of those dangerous words you can’t just throw around lightly. It manages to evoke images of John Travolta, ugly pants and riots all in two syllables. Some people still hate the genre with a weird passion, while worse yet others embrace it with ironic distance, creating sounds that are certainly indebted to disco but delivered with a wink saying “hey, I don’t really dig this!” Then comes the honest-to-goodness revivalists who love disco and want to recapture the magic of the late 70’s. After a few noisy false starts, Tokyo’s Night Vision can now count themselves as part of that movement with the sleek “Dance With Me.” Whereas previous Night Vision originals went overboard on noise, “Dance With Me” pushes the ice-cream-cool vocal samples to the center and builds a minimal groove behind it, allowing the vocals to be the main hook here. Not to take away from the surrounding music – the bass struts ahead unobtrusively, and those digital horn stabs transform this from chilly simplicity to party-worthy seducer. Listen below.

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