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Lazy-Day Insects: Spider Cloud

Man, sometimes all you can do is say “no busy stuff today.” It’s really easy to forget the importance of just blowing the outside world off and taking it easy for a lazy Sunday or sleepy afternoon. I would like to think Osaka duo Spider Cloud agree with me – at least, I’m willing to make that assumption after listening to the handful of songs available on their SoundCloud. The pair create easy-going, in-no-rush, bare-bones music featuring just some guitar strums and basic percussion. Oh, and singing which often finds both members of the group overlapping, a pleasant effect that recalls Chinese indie-pop band The Marshmallow Kisses. Except for the sleeping-in crew. For all this “lazy” talk, it’s important to note that Spider Cloud make sure their songs have emotional impact. “Fallen Leaves” mesmerizes with slow-building instrumentation, yet it’s the late line “something is changing in my heart” that cuts through and sticks. “What Should We Do?” conceals more of a conflict beneath all the sunny sounds, while “Morning Light” is just plain sweet. Take a break and check ’em out.