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LLLL Remixes Meishi Smile’s “Pastel”

One of my favorite albums of the year is Meishi Smiel’s Belong, and maybe part of the reason for that is I have a hard time putting into words just why that is. I mean, I know why, but getting into words that feel appropriate feels like climbing up a mountain. It boils down to it being an album of emotional reckoning, of facing all feelings…even the most uncomfortable ones, like anger…and basically embracing them and seeing where it goes, with a lot of stunning destinations reached (that last song).

Maybe closer to the time I need to buy a new calendar I’ll put something more coherent down, but for now let’s enjoy Tokyo artist LLLL’s remix of “Pastel,” one of the most emotionally resonant cuts on the album. Whereas the original slowly melts, LLLL’s take builds and zips around, offering something sort of approaching the modern drops of EDM, but not nearly as crushing, more lithe. Listen above.