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Make Believe Mix For March 2012 Featuring Madegg, DUB-Russel And Rapunzel8083

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March ended up being a bit of a strange month, at least by the looks of the mix. There are moments of straight-forward pop, like on TalkingCity1994’s “Long Hot Summer Remembered” and The Mari On The Beach’s “AM Boy/FM Girl.” Yet even those otherwise pleasurable cuts go through filters that turn them into stranger things. Elsewhere, Madegg acts like Madegg, while Tokyo’s DUB-Russel offer up a cacophonous number that is far more than just noise. Finishing the mix is Rapunzel8083’s constantly morphing “月光,” a journey all its own.

Below is a list of artists and songs appearing in this month’s mix, in chronological order. Click the links to read more about them and find out how to buy/get their music. All artists featured gave me permission to include their music in this mix.

TalkingCity1994 “Long Hot Summer Remembered” – From the I Can Feel Your Soul EP. Free download here.

Madegg “Zudon” – From the Teach EP, on Flau Records. Buy here.

The Mari On The Beach “AM Boy/FM Girl” – From Get Out Of Making Music. Buy it here.

DUB-Russel “Choose Low” – From Prank Poles. Buy here.

Rapunzel8083 “月光” – Online upload. Listen to more here.