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Meta Complications: Maia Hirasawa’s “It Doesn’t Stop”

Maia Hirasawa presents an interesting dilemma for Make Believe Melodies. It has nothing to do with her new song “It Doesn’t Stop,” a bright blast of indie-pop loaded with Tin Pan Alley horns. No, rather I’m not even sure if I should be writing about her. Her MySpace identifies her as a “Swedish/Japanese singer” before going on to reveal she spends time in both Sweden and Sendai. This blog deals with music from Japan, and an artist jetting between two homes blurs the line for a niche outfit like us. We’ve stepped outside of Japan a few times though – England-based acts No Cars and Goth-Trad for example, along with Austin’s Fizzy Dino Pop. Complications!

Well, whatever, because “It Doesn’t Stop” is such a sweetly good tune we can make an exception. Plus, it’s an exclusive Japanese single to promote her new album. Hirasawa makes pop music bursting at the seams, similar to Feist’s more colorful moments or fellow Swede Loney, Dear. The lyrics hint at autobiography – she shouts-out Sendai where she studied Japanese last Spring and also sneaks in a line about dreaming about Japan and then finally getting their to find an object of affection. Above all background…and all international confusion…lies a great dose of happy pop, which you can hear below.