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Second Royal Records Prep New Compilation Featuring The New House, Hotel Mexico And Handsomeboy Technique


Clearly not content with the absolutely bananas 2010 they had, Second Royal Records plans to release a new compilation album called Second Royal Vol. 6 on February 9. They’ve posted a teaser trailer of it, which you can listen to above, that hints that this year might be a touch better. The really exciting news comes with the very first track, a fresh tune from The New House called “Small World” which cements the fact they’ve gone full Animal Collective on the world. Reminder to The New House…release a new LP, watch the praise flow in. Elsewhere, Handsomboy Technique busts out a new song while Toss & Volley…dabble in post-dubstep? Sounds like James Blake, all I’m saying. It also appears that super lo-fi beach-rockers Friends have been signed to the label, as their track “I Think I Love You” appears on Volume 6. A few older highlights also wriggle on – Turntable Films’ “Collection Of You” and Hotel Mexico’s “Do You Do You HAIA” have been floating around online for a while now but both land on this comp. Oh, and remember that song Halfby contributed to a clothing commercial? It’s called “A Morning Dew” and can be yours if you pick up this album. Listen to all these old faves and bunch of other great acts up at the top of this page.