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Despite the heavy leaning on goth imagery, PLASTICZOOMS music has always been distinctively dreamy. Regardless of how much noise they piled onto their music or how much eyeliner they dabbed on…which, hey, I see ya below video…they always, at their core, have sounded like The Cure and not the sonic equivalent of Robert Smith’s hair. New single “Pink Snow” really hammers this home by being one of their lushest numbers yet. Opening with twinkly toy piano, PLASTICZOOMS keep the whole song similarly light. Though the vocals end up slightly obscured by the music, they never get smeared out…instead the singing ebbs with the instrumentation to add to the eyes-to-the-sky atmosphere. Then, instead of riding this daydream out, they go for the full bliss out. A beat drops in and suddenly PLASTICZOOMS have turned the song into a galloping dance number smudged around the corners. “Pink Snow” shows not all dreamy music has to be passive, and that sometimes the most vivid fantasies have a little energy behind them.