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Miila And The Geeks Post Some More Songs From 6 Songs

The 6 Songs 7″ has been out for a little bit now, but up until just recently the only song from Miila And The Geeks new release available online had been the excellent “Cigarette And Water.” Well, add three more to the digital que. You can listen to three other superb slabs of messy, saxophone-heavy (!!!) rock over here. This trio of 6 Songs tunes aren’t quite as scattered as “Cigarette.” “Want” and “Trouble” both pretty much milk some really sweet sounds and ride them out as far as they can. “SuperHero,” though, opens with an ominous drum kick before the whole track turns into a dimly-lit piece of foreboding rock, that ever-present saxophone creeping in the shadows adding even more discomfort to the song. It’s a nice reminder to buy the Japanese indie-rock fan on your Christmas list the 6 Songs record when you get the chance.