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Neon Night Strut: D∀NGER D∀NGER’s D∀NGER D∀NGER EP

There’s always bands like this, probably in every country – an outfit (or individual) in love with the synth-tastic sounds of the 1980s, enamored by the sleekness but also the heartstring-tugging abilities of those bright-ass noises. Japan has no shortage of these groups – Nile Long (formerly The Brixton Academy), Orland, Give Me Wallets (now making music for YUKI!)…that’s only scratching the neon-soaked surface. Osaka-area unit D∀NGER D∀NGER (great formatting, bud) don’t bring any major shifts to the style…but their self-titled EP is some fine craftsmanship, one of the stronger out-of-Bandcamp-purgatory surprises of the year.

Like the better acts existing in this zone, D∀NGER D∀NGER’s vocals go a long way. As cheesy as things can get on opener “Get U” – that guitar solo! – the singing is surprisingly earnest, adding vulnerability to an otherwise shiny exterior. The project excels, though, at mixing that melancholy with songs that strut – “Forever Love” is a jelly-like number with fluttery keyboards, while “Stop That” does a nice 80Kidz-style song complete with those big, airy drum hits. Get it here or listen below.