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New ΔKTR: The Temper Of Our Time

No rest for ΔKTR, who released three solid-to-great releases over the course of 2017 (including one of our faves of the year.) Yet only a few days into 2018 and the producer shares The Temper Of Our Time, a new six-track set of warped samples revealing new dimensions to older music. ΔKTR’s creations always have a fever-dream quality to them thanks to how he splits sounds up and the crackling layer covering them, but a few listens through The Temper Of Our Time and this one feels especially woozy and deliberately wobbly. “Across The Great Divide” sets the pace with a rush of unsteady samples leading to a minimal groove, accented by vocal samples slurring along and a few other ripples. The three song segment ending the album is especially reflective of this vibe, with a seemingly smooth cut like “Rainwood” sounding just off, stumbling ahead. And he includes one solid beat just for good measure, with the title track’s confident strut. Get it here, or listen below.