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New Chelmico: “Summer Holiday”

Summer 2016 has found Chelmico embracing the season in a way they weren’t one year ago. Back in 2015, the rap duo made their first splash on the scene via a sax-ed-out number and then a rapid-fire bop owing a lot to Jersey Club and netlabels. But so far this year, they’ve teamed up with Mikeneko Homeless, first for the laid-back “Love Is Over” and now for the (seasonally appropriate!) “Summer Holiday.” Like “Love Is Over,” it’s far sparser than the sound Chelmico used to burst on to the digital scene with — so much guitar here — but this year has been the time for Mikeneko Homeless to flex their more intricate song production skills. Thus, “Summer Holiday” is a coastal-worthy number full of great little details — the keyboard droplets falling in at various points, the beat change ups, whistling! — a deceptively simple (but not really) cut. But the most important thing about the song? It allows plenty of space for the two rappers in Chelmico to do their thing, tag-teaming about the summer and rapping about the ocean, pineapples and Wikipedia. And this is one of their finest vocal displays yet, the pair making the most of the space to show off all they can do. Listen above, or get it here.