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New Dubb Parade: Recur

The one-album-or-single-a-month trick is such a novelty that when it works, it’s pretty darn impressive. Remember Bishop Allen? Nope? Yeah, there is a reason for that. It’s easy to let the hook overtake quality, so what’s impressive about Japanese producer Dubb Parade’s 2014, where he has been releasing an album every month, is how thorough his work has been. He hasn’t been pumping out slapped-together “albums,” but legit long-playing collections that feel like they were put together seriously. The only rushed element appears to be the cover art.

And so here’s the latest offering from Dubb Parade, Recur. The only complaint I can really aim at this otherwise solid collection of dance music is that, unlike earlier efforts this year, this one lacks any unifying sound beyond “good for dancing.” Still, songs such as “Bass Rider” and “Taking My Time” are floor-focused highlights full of buzzy electronics and (especially in the latter’s case) warped vocal samples. Get it here, or listen below.