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New Feather Shuttles Forever Featuring Tenma Tenma, Kyooo, Hikaru Yamada, Yo Irie, SNJO And Mari Nishiumi: “Teian”

Anyone can strike a cool pose, but it’s a lot tougher to let loose and embrace joy. The Feather Shuttles Forever project has used a lot of the same sonic palette as other bands of various stature in the Japanese rock scene — horns, lots of horns — but whereas many of them go for this laid-back, 21st century city vibe that can sometimes feel a bit too nonchalant. “Teian” occupies the opposite end. Everything pops from the start, the horn arrangements going for giddiness (some serious Especia vibes in the music), and best of all is the tag-team approach to singing. The main players of Feather Shuttles Forever and a few guests take turns doing their thing over the bouncy music, each bringing something a little different to the song (shout out to the Auto-tune). This just-go-for-it vibe gives “Teian” a really gleeful atmosphere, and makes it one of the project’s finest yet. Listen above.