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Pulse Rhymes: Mayoikurage Featuring Thmmre’s “Make Me Feel”

This year has seen a lot of electronic artists rejecting genre fences and incorporating all kinds of ideas into their music, chief among them hip-hop touches. Well, it goes the other way too. Mayoikurage is a rapper in Osaka who is part of Raiju Crew, a collective making rap music. On their own, however, Mayoikurage gets a little more heady, whether by rapping through an Auto-tune haze over a Justin Bieber number or getting blurry on “Make Me Feel.” It’s a self-remix, but both Mayoikurage and guest thmmre push the song towards a trippy edge, thanks to vocals that hop-scotch between rapping and singing, often cloaked in digital fuzz. The music moves at a skip and lets details in the back blur up, giving this one an out-of-head experience that still has a pop heart to it. Listen above.