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New Gigandect: “More Than You”

Zoom Lens recently released Metempsychosis, a special collaboration with Fakku, which is part compilation and part art book. Would highly recommend getting it, as it includes a lot of great tracks from familiar names (Meishi Smile’s “Angel’s Egg,” The Blinda Butcher’s “Lotus Eaters” and more), plus LLLL’s “If You Say You Love Me Then Die With Me,” which we wrote about a bit back in time. Go get that here.

But this blog needs to at least try to stick to our theme, so let’s zoom in on producer Gigandect’s contribution to Metempsychosis, “More Than You.” It’s a rollicking chiptune number that focuses on the producer’s knack for melodies (rather than, in some previous numbers, was a way to showcase his sense of noise…though, to be fair, stretches of “More Than You” get pretty dizzying too). Listen below.