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New Nemui PJ (Noah And Kidkanevil): “Pockets”

On their own, Japanese artist Noah and England’s Kidkanevil create their own dreamy worlds in music, the prior favoring silence and the latter leaning more towards an innocent electronic sound (see 2015’s My Little Ghost). Together, as Nemui PJ, they venture into an area that is still just as private…but much, much stranger, the sleep-ready sounds pulled into funny new shapes. “Pockets,” the latest from the duo, advances further than Nemui PJ’s initial offering, “Pumpkin.” That one found a middle point between the two artists, offering up, well, just what a collab between the two would sound like. “Pockets” blurs things, to great results. Noah’s voice floats between the squawky, video-game-ish keyboard notes, adding a sweetness that fits in nicely among the music. Listen above.