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New Haretokidoki: “Touch Me [Straight Run]”

The duo of Brinq and Misatsun delivered a late-year gem with “Kiss Me,” a sparkling dance-pop number channeling late ’80s idol numbers that managed to be catchy enough to avoid any potential nostalgia pitfalls. “Touch Me [Straight Run]” serves as the follow up, and delivers a slightly more understated, still pretty twinkling bit of pop. The tempo moves at a more relaxed pace, at least until the pair ratchet everything up for the hook, a buzzing centerpiece loaded up with sing-a-long lyrics and sputtering drum beats. The thematic focus stays pretty much in line with “Kiss Me” — it’s about capturing a certain moment of anticipation, the heartbeat before something actually happens — but whereas the prior number treats it like a climax, “Touch Me” goes for something a little cooler. But with the same nervousness coming through. Listen above.