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New OMEGABOY: “Rustyslide” And Obscure Voice EP

The Internet has allowed music fans to watch artists they like mutate right in front of them, like starting at bacteria under a microscope. This happened before, of course, but whereas in the 90’s it sometimes took years to see what new direction a musician would shift into, the flood of new music in the digital age means young artists release new music at a faster clip than ever before, months and weeks now being the standard waiting period. Sometimes this can be thrilling – finding a new project and watching them grow like a Chia Pet on speed – and other times harmful to young musicians just starting to figure things out, the ebb and flow of the “blog hype” cycle pushing people who need time to develop artistically into positions that can be potentially overwhelming.

Osaka’s OMEGABOY popped up on our radar late last year via wonky pop songs coated in vocal modification and traditional Chinese music influences. It was very DIY, his synths sounding like they were found in an alley behind The Salvation Army, but everything arranged in such a way that it came off like imperfect, catchy pop. Now, in early 2012, he’s made a slight shift in style – OMEGABOY holds onto the junkyard electronics, but with his new Obscure Voice EP and the song “Rustyslide,” he’s moving into the realm of dance music. The Obscure Voice EP stands as his best work to date in his (extremely young) career, something approaching the work of Nicolas Jaar except with rougher edges. The sweltering “Babyrousa” and the tinny house party of “XoXoXoX” stand out as the highlights, dance tunes slightly off-balance but frequently captivating. “Rustyslide,” not on the release, builds upon an inviting groove before introducing windy synths that could soundtrack the climax of a Spaghetti Western. Here’s hoping OMEGABOY’s development as an artist continues at a pace that results in music as enjoyable as this. Listen to “Rustyslide” below, and grab Obscure Voice for free here.

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