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New HoneyComeBear: Intro And Outro

Think of this more like one solid mini-album rather than two EPs teased as bookends (collecting and polishing up older songs from them). Duo HoneyComeBear have been one of the better projects in Japan at merging the business of “future bass” with an emotional delivery that often feels two clicks away from J-pop proper. Their best songs tightrope this just right, including the sweet and sputtering “Sneaker,” one of their finest pop-and-bass hybrids to date (the robo-vocals backing up the main singing at the chorus!). Some artists can go overboard in one direction and come out OK, but HoneyComeBear succeed here because they keep themselves in check — they let bell chimes and bass drops creep in, but they are always weighted by untouched singing that give busy numbers such as “Natsuzora” and “Defy” a pop sheen. Get Intro and Outro here, or listen below.