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New I-fls: Nightmare Is Not Decade


Memories on memories, really: bedroom producer / suburban nostalgia dealer i-fls’ latest release takes songs from two 2013 releases (Wished Nightmare and Decade In A Day, both now deleted) and finds the reclusive producer reworking them and adding a few new elements into them. ” I had distrust to degree of perfection for this two works,” i-fls writes, and it could be risky to revisit these in 2016 — one of the charms of those releases is the grainy quality, raw and letting the melodies really shine through. But Nightmare Is Not Decade isn’t an HD rendering, just a cleaned up affair that feels less like a compilation and more like an entirely new set, i-fls’ new wrinkles to familiar songs giving a new perspective on familiar melodies. Get it here, or listen below.