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New i-fls: Reverse

On Reverse, there are moments where reality slips through Tokyo producer i-fls Garageband-constructed escape world. They don’t pop up all the time across his latest longplayer – the bulk of Reverse explores the same hazy suburban communities i-fls has been navigating for a while now, twinkling numbers like “Original Design” and throbbing “Consolation” hitting on a teenage longing familiar to anyone who grew up in a boring place. It’s easy to get lost in – but those reminders poke through. Like on opener “Monaco High,” where the music bends and warps like a dusty VHS tape, and wherein the sound of a car zips over the rinky-dink sound. Or how the interlude “(respiration)” pulls a similar trick with voices – it lasts only 26 seconds but in the middle of Reverse’s dense dreaminess, it is a reminder that you can’t fully escape into dreams and nostalgia. Get it here, or listen below.