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New Jemapur: EXEP

The producer behind the wonderful Young Juvenile Youth project has a new, easy going EP out called EXEP. The three-song set is a very mellow collection, kicking off with the skittery “Lucky Me,” which is built around some lovely vocal drones and drippy-droppy electronics, the whole thing having a bit of a pop (the beat) but never getting too rough. “Substance” is a bit more mischievous – the way it’s constructed makes it sound like large chunks of it are unwinding backwards, giving it that is-there-a-message-of-the-occult-hidden-here vibe so many backmasked songs do – but still pretty chill, while finale “Early Morning Movability” is centered on the beat, but it’s the most reserved thing here (also, weirdly, the fastest). Get it here, or listen below.