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New KiWi: “The Christmas Party”

A Mad Decent Christmas album sounds like a horrible idea, but honestly — everyone has a Christmas album, so it feels pointless to get cynical about a Major Lazer song about fucking Christmas trees when the novelty holiday collection is such a time-honored tradition. It’s an extremely goofy affair, but far better than the label trying to be serious so…welcome the season! That said, theatrical electro-pop duo KiWi actually make sense within this context, and deliver the highlight of the silly stocking stuffer with “The Christmas Party.” Part of this is because they don’t go far off from what they’ve been doing — this mostly sounds like a Halloween song, with its musty string sounds and yelpy bass. Instead of ghosts, though, they are singing about building big snowmen. And they throw in a high-energy section, one with some glistening notes but hewing closer to the club than the chimney (sorry). If most of this Mad Decent comp is artist making novelty numbers, “The Christmas Party” is KiWi simply making a solid KiWi song. Listen above.