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New Koutei Camera Girl Drei” “Josephine”

Last year’s New Way Of Lovin’ wowed us around here, but the basic formula to its success wasn’t all that complicated. Basically, Koutei Camera Girl Drei scooped up electronic styles often passed over by the idol world and mashed them all together. “Josephine,” the first preview of the trio’s forthcoming full-length release, follows in this mold by embracing reggae-inspired sounds, along with elements that crop up in modern dancehall. I’ll tread carefully here because reggae is one of those critical blindspots for me personally, but where “Josephine” pulls me in is how it uses elements present in all these styles and plays around with them to create something familiar and off at just the same time (take the Auto-tune smeared singing…that’s plenty prevalent in those styles, but not like this). Listen above.