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New Lovely Summer Chan And Yoshino Yoshikawa: “Starlight”

Singer Lovely Summer Chan has been working with a lot of artists as of late – she’s a member of For Tracy Hyde, has sung with shoegaze bands and even popping up on a Tofubeats single. Yet her collaboration with producer Yoshino Yoshikawa remains her best endeavor to date – her sweetly delivered vocals glide best over his twinkly, shifty tracks. “Starlight,” which title-wise is a nice follow up from the earlier released “Moonlight,” is a jaunty run that seems deceptively sparse – Yoshikawa leaves plenty of room for Lovely Summer Chan to do her singing, yet he also adds in great little details – like wind-chime-like ringing and bouncy bleeps – to the verses. Yet the real power of their team lies in how they wrangle out catchy, sugary pop music without ever turning infantile (just listen to all the bells and bloops here…weaker squads would turn childish quick).

The pair are currently running a crowdfunding project to turn this song into a single, so you should go and help out if you can. Click here.