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New Lullatone: “Driving Home From Summer” And “This Book Smells Like Rain”

Nagoya’s Lullatone have recently started a new project…well, more like they’ve begun playing around in their studio and creating tracks that don’t sound like what you’d expect from the duo, they write on SoundCloud. Tagged as “Leisure & Research,” the pair of songs to emerge from this experimentation are both really really laid back, numbers to get lost in. Despite the special title, this isn’t that huge a departure from what they’ve been doing for more than a decade now — Lullatone have always had songs perfect for zoning out to. But the way they achieve it with “Driving Home From Summer” is different, the softness you expect from a group known for capturing everyday adventures swapped out for something at times harder (that beat) and wispier. “This Book Smells Like Rain” is a touch less thumping, but veers more towards jazzy hip-hop beats (a little bit of Nujabes coming through). What ever direction they head in, Lullatone are always worth following. Listen above and below.