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New Metome: “Series”

Metome’s past features a few moments where he’s stretched out his sound, but the Osaka electronic artist mostly offers up mid-sized bursts of sound, whether they be hopped-up blasts of funk or more reflective slappers. “Series” finds Metome going long — just over 13 minutes, as it turns out. It’s a stuttering take on house with a little bit of acid rumbling inside — it feels like Japanese producers of all stripes have been enchanted by acid house over the past 12 months, and it looks like it isn’t slowing down in 2018 — that never relents, instead letting a few high-tempo mutations keep attention focused. It isn’t totally a venture off the path for Metome — the way he uses vocal samples is very much fitting — but when he lets songs just engine along, they turn contemplative. And energetic, but he’s always had that down. Listen above.