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New Tricot: “Boom Ni Notte”

Ever-busy band tricot (now a our-piece as they’ve found a drummer) appeared on Wowow’s Live Tips program recently, presumably to offer up some live tips…and some performances. One of those was a live version of a new song called “Boom Ni Notte” (“On The Boom” in English), now available for all to see. It follows a familiar template for the band, but it’s one they do well — it starts relatively mellow, before darting into a more dizzying passage punctuated by Ikumi Nakajima’s singing, which allows itself to spill out and not be constricted by the tighter playing. From there, “Boom” twists and turns into a more reflective passage before pivoting back to something brisker, and back again. And as it so often is with tricot, their ability to sound both locked-in and unpredictable wins the day. Listen above.