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Wonky Chirps: Pedestrian Featuring LUMi’s “Funny Dancer”

Time to invoke the guidelines for getting a Vocaloid song on this blog — an artist either has to get really experimental and possibly weird with it, or just make some really bubbly pop using synthesized voices. Pedestrian leans mainly towards the latter on the skippy “Funny Dancer,” though shades of the prior sneak in. Pedestrian uses newer-model LUMi to provide a digitized voice to this number, and it compliments the gummy-bright synths and rubbery beat just right. That’s enough, but “Funny Dancer” kicks around a little longer in the noggin because of the stranger sounds rattling around, ones that stick out (the tinny electronics interrupting the verses) and the samples that just catch one off guard (the laughing popping up later on). They never disrupt the stickiness central to “Funny Dancer,” but they add offbeat charm. Listen above.