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New Midori Hirano: Magnetic Visionaries EP

It was only a month ago that Berlin-based electronic music maker Midori Hirano adopted the name MimiCof to release some tunes you could almost feel. Now in July, Hirano has released a four-track EP under her birth name called Magnetic Visionaries which mostly steps away from the textural bliss of her recent MimiCof work in favor of a Fennesz-like approach where acoustic instruments get blanketed in electronic noise. Though a decent portion of the Magnetic Visionaries EP brings to mind Fennesz’s sun-soaked masterpiece Endless Summer – closing track “Aros” in particular seems inspired by that album, a slow-burning exit complete with bird sounds – but Hirano often adds a little kick to her compositions as opposed to ambient soaking. Opener “Saiboh” features a constant drum-machine beating that helps liven up the otherwise hypnotic mess of twinkles around it. Listen below.

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