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New Normcore Boyz: “Anti Social Club”

You’ve got a winner when your rap video features choreographed dancing and lyrics that skirt pretty close to J-pop category. Normcore Boyz have found themselves in the less charming “how much can we sound like American rap without adding anything new” camp a few times, but in recent times have been far stranger, creating songs that feel not far off from Dreams Come True lyrically and straight-up Christmas songs. “Anti Social Club” is another welcome addition to this lane, with the only possible American artist it will run up against is Vic Mensa. The latest from the group features the most up-tempo beat they’ve ever rapped over, and each member takes a turn showing off their own skill over it, in a way I can’t really recall in slower numbers. Worked in there are lyrics about shooting stars and summer memories…a welcome dash of Oricon penmanship that helps give this one a unique flavor. Listen above.