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New Seiho: “I Feel Rave”

いわゆる”レイブ”という所には行った事がないので、もし誤解を招くような発言があったら申し訳ないです。イメージしているのは、日常から解き放たれ、そのトランス状態を楽しむ為のイベント。大阪のSeihoの新曲、”I Feel Rave”も、そのイメージに近いです。軽快なビートの上で、様々なトーンを行き来する複雑に調律されたボーカルが、繰り返し”I feel you”と歌い、リスナーを幻想の世界へと呼び込みます。この曲はSeihoを次のリリースへと繋げる堅固なステップと言えるでしょう。


New Seiho: “I Feel Rave”

I’ve never actually been to anything that could be considered a “rave,” so forgive the generalizations I’m about to make. I’ve always figured one major draw of a rave is the opportunity to just trance out from the world around you and get lost in a moment. Osaka producer Seiho’s newest song is called “I Feel Rave,” and it captures that feeling well. Over a skittery drum pattern, a constantly morphing voice tells us “I feel you,” the words sounding like a revelation hanging above this beat. It sounds like one constant build up to an electronic release.

The other thing I associate with raves…probably unfairly!…is drugs. Regardless of whether it’s brought on by a substance or an experience, Seiho captures the feeling of entering a altered zone late in the song when, after the sound of a water droplet, the voices get extra screwy. It’s a great ending trick for another fine song from the Kansai-based beat maker. Listen below.