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New Seiho: “Triangle”

During this blog’s slight vacation from…existence…Seiho shared a new song that found him working with rapper 5lack. It’s solid, and a nice reminder that Seiho really does play well with others, but it also felt a bit more straightforward, especially in the wake of his “Star Guitar” but for Millenial Burnout masterstroke from earlier this year. Maybe it was just this lingering fear that one of the decade’s most intriguing electronic artists would just become a beatmaker for B+ rappers, a path that is fine but a little bit deflating given everything Seiho’s produced before.

Well, no worries for the moment at least, as Seiho is releasing a split EP with longtime collaborator/influence Matthewdavid* in early November. Advanced number “Triangle” is Seiho returning to his discombobulating take on sound, turning vocal snippets into airy gushes and matching synth notes that sound weightless against clattering drum beats (also…check those hoots lurking in the backdrop. Layers!). It’s woozy, but everything clicks just right to create a song that works both as one piece bouncing along and as something allowing for zeroing in on specific details. Most importantly, it’s Seiho front and center. Listen above.

*someone remind me to share the story about the time I became Matthewdavid’s last-second tour manager-lite during one of his Japanese jaunts, that was a weird four days but fun!