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New TEMPLIME And Hoshimiya Toto: “pureness”

I’m not sure how many more words I can pull out of my brain to praise “Take Me Out,” the nervous centerpiece of the pureness EP and a huge breakthrough for everyone involved in this song. It’s tough to capture this fizzy moment playing out inside somebody before anything happens in music, especially when a certain sense of melancholy underlines the whole thing. TEMPLIME and Hoshimiya Toto nail it though, creating something with plenty of energy but constantly turning thoughts over in its head. Song of the year contender!

The rest of the EP doesn’t quite reach the heights of “Take Me Out,” but features an uptempo opening track that is more in line with the colorful garage TEMPLIME were making prior to this. Then you have one very lovely swerve in “Eraser” which finds all three players…creating an indie-pop song? It does reveal that their galloping Technicolor dance music features plenty of elements of the twee-er side of life, though it still comes as a welcome curve. Get it here, or listen below.