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New Tricot: “Potage”

Tricot’s twisting and turning approach to rock tends to grab the most attention, but it’s the emotional fierceness lurking underneath all those tempo changes that really punches. If the music itself can sometimes feel a little too plotted out, it’s balanced out by Ikumi Nakajima’s singing, which allows for more roughness around the edges that sometimes borders on total release. New song “Potage” — debuted on NPR earlier today — puts the focus on this part of their music. “Potage” features fewer of the pivots dotting the group’s work in favor of something a bit more straightforward, all the quick shifts more in the details than up front. It puts the focus on the singing, which goes from a whisper to near-shout, and ends up being “Potage’s” most unpredictable element. Listen above.