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New Yun*Chi: “Dancing”

English producer…and Maltine fixture…bo en was profiled on Pitchfork today, and of all the great details within also existed…his song for rising Japanese pop singer and Kyary-agency-mate Yun*Chi. The story of Yun*Chi’s music career thus far has been one of sounds being all over the place – she’s been backed by a bunch of producers, ranging from Avec Avec to Vocaloid-innovator kz to…many many more. “Dancing” isn’t her latest single, but rather it backs up the fine, straightforward-number “Wonderful Wonder World.” bo en’s approach to the song…one approved by Yun*Chi over Twitter, in a story I still can’t get over in its that-is-not-like-a-Japanese-label-ness…is to be all over the place, an approach that works well for an artist who has never really been allowed to find her own corner sonically. Like a lot of bo en’s solo music, “Dancing” zooms all over the place, from clap-along segments to ones featuring playful interpretations of Jersey Club (bed spring!) to a sax-out near the end. It is one of the more daring J-pop songs of 2014 sonically, and Yun*Chi adds her own charm to “Dancing” with her spoken-word improv (which is mainly meowing). Listen above.