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New Yunomi: “Robotic Girl” Featuring Nicamoq

Sapporo-based “kawaii J-pop” project Yunomi has been making some of the bubbliest but also hardest hitting electro-pop in Japan, loaded up with cuddly signifiers but boasting a bounce right out of Maltine (which, hey) all aided by the airy vocals of Nicamoq (from idol duo BPM15Q). Newest cut “Robotic Girl” hops forward on syllable slices and and chimes, leading to one of the most energetic pre-verse stretches Yunomi has laid down yet. From there, it is electro hop-scotch, Nicamoq avoiding anything overly cutesy in favor of something more neutral, which fits well here, resulting in a hook where music and singer hit the right groove together. Listen above.