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New Yunovation: 072 EP

Osaka’s Yunovation makes quite a splash on her 072 EP, offering listeners a heck of an intro to what she’s all about while highlighting a great deal of songwriting charm. Advance song “Aruteido Aru” remains the stunner, a confident bit of post-Avec-Avec dance-pop anchored by a unique, youthful viewpoint that signals a welcome changing of the guard. Sandwiching that one is a showcase of her melodica skills on opener “ASAP” — a jaunty number also featuring some nice electronic touches — and a continuation of number featuring her singing on “Clap To Find,” a smooth dance-pop number all about enjoying music found in your parent’s closet. And, how nice is it to hear someone’s nostalgia filtered through their mom’s favorite songs? Listen above, or see more options to hear it here.