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Seiho’s Beat Is Stranger EP

Seiho is one of the many artists circling around the INNIT galaxy, an Osaka electronic music maker dabbling in the same future-leaning sounds artists like Madegg and Avec Avec (who appears in the band Sugar’s Campaign, also featuring Seiho). Yet Seiho isn’t just making music, he’s also trying to get it (and other artist’s sounds) out there. He recently started Day Tripper Records, an imprint prepping some exciting releases in the near future from various members of the INNIT community. He’s also not going lazy on his personal output – the first release on Day Tripper is the Mercury full-length and the Beat Is Stranger EP. The latter can be heard here, and is the one we will be focusing on today.

If the beauty of INNIT is the variety of sounds taking bloom, a disparate mix of noises reflecting all sorts of scenes around the world, Seiho steps in as the closest thing they have to a Skrillex. Which is to say, on Beat Is Stranger he takes a lot of cues from dubstep. Check the title track and the skittering “Under” for all the proof. Seiho isn’t just copping the latest Spin-approved trends though – he adds in strange dollops, like quick blasts of what sound like old jazz records and ripples in the surface that would make Madegg proud. Listen to it here.