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New Friendly Hearts Of Japan: “Zeitaku”

Osaka’s Friendly Hearts Of Japan have been quiet for a while, but now they have a new album out this week and “Zeitaku,” a new track and video in advance of their full-length. And just in time, because I needed a laid-back song to soundtrack my lazy weekend, where simply not having anything (that) pressing to do and opening a window seem like paradise. “Zeittaku” is simple, but sometimes those are just what you need. Watch above.

A Helping Hand: Friendly Hearts Of Japan

Somebody in the Japanese government make Friendly Hearts Of Japan an official cultural ambassador. Dude clearly is up for the job – he isn’t calling himself just Friendly Hearts, but Friendly Hearts Of Japan like he’s already a valued export sitting in a World Market in Chicago. Besides having a proud name, FHOJ also make the sort of bouncy indie-pop that could work wonders counter the well-held belief Japan’s sliding into obscurity. This stuff’s just so upbeat – listen to the head-nodding stroll of “Pablo” and try not to bob along when he breaks out the sugary “do da do’s.” It’s not entirely wimpy twee, as FHOJ sometimes hides more intimidating sides to his sound, though always far enough away so they don’t spook the rest of his sound. Catch the electric guitar buzzing beneath the standout “Headless Song,” present enough but not taking away from the happy skip at the center of the track. Listen here.

I doubt many folks in Osaka actually read this but if ya do, catch Friendly Hearts Of Japan playing a show this Sunday with blog-loved outfit Ice Cream Shout this Sunday at Para-Dice. I assume the venue’s named after the terrible Lil’ Wayne song.