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Listen To Magical Mistakes Decompose/Reassemble EP Now

What’s always made the music of Magical Mistakes such a treat has been the textural quality of it all. Erik Luebs, the mind behind the project, knows how to put together out of a song the listener can practically feel, his arrangements of traditional percussion, electronic dollops and, sometimes, nature recordings to create something that just sounded rich, practically manifesting itself into physical form in one’s living room. His new EP, Decompose/Reassemble, highlights everything that makes Magical Mistakes such a treat to listen to – with the added bonus of strings, majestic strings on the highlight of a finale “Three” – and you can hear it now, below or here. I want to write more about this (how many albums have I said that about this year…) but for now definitely listen.

Electronic Round-Up: New Yoshino Yoshikawa, Magical Mistakes And StillSound

Some days new sounds just keep on coming through the digital tunnel. Today (and, well, the last few days) has been just that. First off, “ultrapop” producer Yoshino Yoshikawa has a new EP slated to come out on Zoom Lens next week, and The Fader premiered a track from it today. “Yumetatsu Glider” recruits singer Yuzusa to appropriately glide over the laid-back groove, the whole thing a sunny-day soar in no rush to get anywhere at all. Listen below.

Also getting some shine from an outside-of-Japan music site, Osaka’s Magical Mistakes. His latest, “Laid Out,” popped up on XLR8R recently, and its a dreamy one. Highlighted by lovely chiming and splashes of vocals, its a lovely number to get tangled up in. Listen below.

Last, we head down to Okinawa to check in on producer StillSound, who has a new shuffler called “Trace You.” It flows nicely, and the singing matches up well with the shuffling music. Listen below.

Seiho, Magical Mistakes, And Vice Versa Plan American Tour, Have Some New Songs Too

The artists associated with Osaka’s INNIT party have spent the last few years spreading their sounds across Japan, building up from a once-in-awhie party held in basement venues to being able to hold down their own stage at Tokyo’s edition of Sonarsound and tour with all sorts of international names. Not to mention to branch out and start their own labels. And now, they get a chance to spread it to the United States. Seiho, Magical Mistakes and And Vice Versa will do a jaunt around America this March, with stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Baltimore, Oberlin College and Wesleyan College. Click here for more details.

As somebody who has seen all three of these dudes multiple times…definitely find a way out to one of these gigs.

In advance of this tour, each artist has released a new song highlighting the sonic variety that will be present on the American stops. Magical Mistakes delivers a subtle shape-shifter of a song, Seiho’s “Crazy Nail Polish” is a bit of glossy whiplash (voices stuttering over themselves, synth zips, a bunch of sounds locking into just the right order), while And Vice Versa’s “Twins” is a shuffling dance member that’s the most dancefloor-oriented. Listen to them below.

Magical Mistakes Remixes Metome’s “Paper Moon”

Kansai producers doing things. Metome has been having a busy January, having released the fantastic Objet album (this year’s early frontrunner for album of the year…note, it has been eight days into the year). Before that, though, he released a song called “Paper Moon” as part of an EP called Phreatic Surface released through Canadian label King Deluxe. Now another Japan-based artist associated with that imprint, Magical Mistakes (he seems to have another release with ’em coming out sometime this year, if SoundCloud can be trusted…) has remixed “Paper Moon” for King Deluxe’s special Year Three compilation. Listen below, and get the compilation here.

New Young Juvenile Youth: More For Me, More For You

Well, thanks, more is better!

Young Juvenile Youth popped up in the second half of 2013, and with second EP More For Me, More For You, I’m ready to call them one of the most interesting new acts going into 2014 in Japan. The collaboration, between singer Yuki and producer Jemapur, creates relatively sparse tracks focusing on the vocals, their songs mixing in plenty of unease to make them easy to come back to. Jemapur’s production goes a long way to nailing down this effect on their latest – a track like “Optique” could be a straightforward bit of trip-hop nostalgia, but his music works in sprays of acoustic guitar and reversed noises that give the song a hair-tingling edge. Jempaur’s sounds also meld nicely with Yuki’s vocals – she’s not a showy singer, but her muted delivery and decision to jump between Japanese and English adds an air of intrigue to these three songs (and she steals the show on “Bitter,” making repetition sound especially sweet). Their best moment comes on the title track, which is the best negotiation between the pair. Jemapur crafts a smooth (but creaky – sounds like there are floorboards deep in the mix) that allows Yuki to flex her intimate delivery. Oh, and Magical Mistakes contributes a solid remix to this too, if you needed further reason to listen. Check it out below.