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New Magical Mistakes: “Annihilated”

Not to be the “my minor dental procedure!” guy, but basically being confined to your home following teeth extraction can get you loopy. I have been living off of yogurt and milkshakes, and have mostly been sleeping and/or watching YouTube videos all while trying to ignore a minor but irritating pain in the left-side of my mouth (which looks like I have a billiard ball crammed inside it). One of the bigger annoyances about this is I’m in such a scrambled zone I only want to hear music that washes over me — no words, or at least nothing I have to think about (sorry VIEWS).

Well thank goodness Magical Mistakes shared a new song, “Annihilated,” recently that is just right for this mindset. It opens with clock ticks, and from there bounces around, slowly blooming open and washing over the listener. It’s not relaxing per se — tension exists just beneath the surface, the first half of the song in particular sounding woozy before becoming a bit more concrete in the back half — but it’s very easy to get lost in. Especially when you are on pain pill eight of 10. Listen above.

New Erik Luebs: Absolute Presence

Under the name Magical Mistakes, Erik Luebs has explored a lot of different themes. He’s zoomed in on nature, creating albums in tune with (and featuring samples of) the physical world around him, and the recently released Cracks In The Surface looked at the process of losing connection with those near you. His latest album Absolute Presence — released under his own name through Project Mooncircle — goes a bit deeper, as it is about “experiencing a significant transformative state from which one can either come back to the physical world, or fade into death.” Luebs matches this mood with his most outright techno release to date, a shuffling collection that is as physical as it is mental, to my ears evoking a more active take on what Boards Of Canada used to do. Listen above, or get it here.

New Magical Mistakes: Cracks In The Surface

Osaka-based artist Magical Mistakes’ latest album revels in little imperfections. Going by Astro Nautico’s accompanying press for it, his new Cracks In The Surface collection is “inspired by the experience of losing connections with friends and loved ones.” There is certainly something unsettling about the music here, as it frequently skitters and appears ready to fly off whatever path the producer has set out for it. “Desire” sees loud noises rupture the song at points, while Julien Mier’s contributions seems as fractured as any sound on the track. Even a relatively straightforward number such as “Hole” sounds warped. The most powerful moments, though, come when the emotion inspired by the slow dissolve of relationships peaks through, like on highlight “Bliss.” Out of all those cracks comes a voice trying to say something, but never really getting it out, trying to piece a message together but stopped by something. That’s distance. Listen above.

Erik Luebs, of Magical Mistakes, also shared a new song called “Losing It” through Boiler Room, which you can hear below.

Familiar Faces Checking In: New Seiho And New Magical Mistakes Remix

Two songs from Friday, from two of the most talented artists out of Osaka. Seiho shared the “short version” of a song called “Naked,” which you can hear above. After a bit of a busy opening, the song solidifies a bit and is a nice thumping tune…albeit one where bird sounds still sneak into the mix.

Meanwhile, Magical Mistakes remixed the song “The Art Of Escape” by Australian artist Hein Cooper. Considering the original is a pained acoustic number, it is quite safe to say this is pretty complete sonic makeover — Magical Mistakes turns it into a burbling electronic number, although he doesn’t lose the emotional core of the original. Listen below.

Slow Delight: Uma’s Roam Featuring Remixes From Magical Mistakes And Madegg

Osaka-based label Perfect Touch has a new release out now, fronted by Berlin duo Uma and their beautiful-quicksand tune “Roam.” The original is a slow waltz of a number, highlighted by vocal repetitions amongst the ever shifting noises whirring around it. The power of that singing being milked for all it is worth is picked up by one of the main minds behind Perfect Touch, Magical Mistakes, on his remix of “Roam,” which melts the vocals down into shapeless form (unlike the original, which has intelligible words) and builds from there. Rounding out the EP is Kyoto’s Madegg, who doesn’t focus on the voices as much and rather makes the most of the music…and some very Madegg-ish percussion choices late in the song. Get it here or listen below.