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New :visited: “Touch Your Heat”

Easy thing to forget when talking about CUZ ME PAIN – they sorta sprung out of DJ culture, and even the darkest stuff they put out has a thump. This new song courtesy of :visited works as a great reminder of the label’s origins without being as boring as a history lesson – “Touch Your Heat” throbs along with its inviting beat and those Reagan-era synth flashes that make this seem pretty lucid. Some vocal samples strut in later, and everything sorta blends together into one big party-boat of joy, a little woozy and druggy but overall a great party. Add to your weekend playlists now. Listen below.

[bandcamp track=4174849829 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

New :visited: “Amazing Reality (1996)”

Hmmmmm, without consulting Wikipedia, let me try to remember what happened in 1996. Bob Dole ran for president and Al Gore did the macarena, Space Jam blessed the world with its existence and the Olympics were held in (lol) Atlanta that year, complete with totally terrible mascot. I vividly recall the last memory, because my family was on vacation and we got in a fight with the neighboring hotel patrons during the opening ceremonies. Good times! CUZ ME PAIN’s :visited either unearthed a really old track from 1996 or has very fond memories of those days, having released a new track called “Amazing Reality (1996).” Latching onto a particularly sweet guitar sample and the label’s trademark dreamy synths, :visited crafts an under-two-minutes-long flash of light that’s warm and also capable of getting you moving. It’s brief, but while it lasts it is a pleasant memory. Though I’m not sure why 1996. Listen below.

[bandcamp track=2475152482 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

:visited – “Like Scheyinus”

Oh Cuz Me Pain. You are truly an upstart label that sticks to a specific formula. With the awkwardly named :visited, they continue dishing out ghostly bedroom music, though this artist sounds a bit more dancey on “Like Scheyinus.” Due to time limitation – my computer’s fan is near death and thus could explode at any second – I’ll cut right to the chase and tell ya even if it falls into a sub-category of music very much in need of some pruning, this song is pretty swell. Listen here.