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Traxman And Paisley Parks Make An EP: Far East EP

Chicago juke producer Traxman recently toured Japan, and as part of that jaunt, he made this EP with Yokohama juke producer Paisley Parks. Technically, it’s more of a split affair – save for the title track, which finds the two coming together over a skittering beat punctured by jarring tempo changes and siren-ish blares. From there, Traxman delivers unsettling minimalism (“Down Tha Line”) along with the more thumping (the still sort of unnerving “Killa”). Paisley Parks tends to be a bit wonkier here – he turns syllables into ground beef on “Watch,” – but he also engineers the EP-highlight “O,” which goes from a joyful exercise in squeaky voices chanting “I’m fucked up!” to a more intimidating mess of sound. Get it here or listen below.