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Whooops! Correction Regarding Kumi Koda (With Bonus Mash-Ups!)

No blog is perfect. Especially one that generates zero revenue. Errors are bound to happen, and hopefully I can catch them sooner rather than later. So I’d like to take this post to point out that this post from last month requires a slight correction. Discussing Kumi Koda’s “Can We Go Back,” I completely failed to mention this song is actually a cover of a Kelly Clarkson joint released earlier in 2009. My original blurb implies Kumi Koda created this song, which is inaccurate.

Make Believe Melodies regrets the oversight.

That said, the song still blows. The real crime here is that my opinion of Kelly Clarkson has dropped a few pegs. On the plus side to this whole debacle, I did discover that a few souls have taken Koda’s version of “Can We Go Back” and mashed it up with various other songs. Good for a chuckle, which I could use in my hour of J-Pop embarrassment. First, she gets to join the diva-party of Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s “Videophone.”


And, in this corner, she gets matched up with…Linkin Park. I puked in my mouth a little.


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