New Boys Age: Else

Boys Age’s proper debut album STILL hasn’t arrived in stores (that’s next week), yet the duo just keep on pumping out music. It remains their most intriguing aspect and the one that makes them so very hard to really sum up (though when they put out a best-of comp, it is vital). Well, that and their steady stream of music tends to always be solid stuff. The two-song Else releases highlights a slightly slower side to Boys Age, albeit one where the croaky vocals still take center stage in all their rough glory. “Good Yesterdays” is the more straightforward ballad, while “Glorious Daze” adds a slightly more psychedelic filter to it. Listen above.

New House Of Tapes: “I Die In A Beautiful World”

Nagoya’s House Of Tapes is usually responsible for pounding, crushing electronic music, but on “I Die In A Beautiful World,” he’s stepped back from the destructive sounds in favor of something more reflective. Chaos hides in the corners, as it tends to always do, via a few warped electronic and rougher elements, but the bulk of “I Die In A Beautiful World” is a slower, swooning composition content to take its time in moving forward. Listen above.

New Carpainter: Digital Harikari

We only blog about Carpainter now, sorry (or your welcome).

The young producer has a new four-song collection out called Digital Harikari, and I’m not even sure dude needs any sort of “gateway” into his work at this point…he’s one of the most talented up-and-comers in the country right now, and this is another solid set from him. It opens with the busy, somewhat menacing title track (which I swear has the sound of Mario jumping on a Koopa shell buried in it), before zigging into sweeter Garage territory with “Fluid Emotion.” Listen above.

Carpainter Remixes Parkgolf’s “Sexual Attraction”

Every name wrapped up in this one is worth your time – producer Parkgolf’s debut album Par came out earlier this week, and it is a hell of a display of his wonky-in-the-best-way-possible approach to music. Carpainter went and remixed the song “Sexual Attraction,” and transformed it into a U.K. Garage bouncer, which you can hear above.

New Pa’s Lam System (Preview): “Color”

I normally wouldn’t post a snippet of a song…I’d just wait until the whole thing emerged…but this week has sucked immensely and I’m currently dealing with a lot of professional and personal stress…and Pa’s Lam System tends to make me feel alive and joyful and want to air-kick around my living room. Here’s a brief, wonderfully hyper preview of new song “Color,” coming out May 15 at Anime Central in Chicago (holy shit, Pa’s Lam debuting material at an anime con).