New Stillsound: Her EP

Okinawa producer and Toro-Y-Moi-devotee Stillsound has a new EP online, a four-song collection simply titled Her. It finds the young producer getting a little more lost in the chillwave-ish sound he been submerged in since he first emerged, with a few neat twists. Opener “Chlorine,” for example, jumps out as being an instrumental featuring rubbery bass and snippets of his voice, abruptly cut off to form sharp, intriguing “you’s.” It is the funkiest thing he’s made yet, and sticks out as the rest of the music here has more in common with the typical Toro Y Moi approach to music (not a bad thing). “Drifting” finds his vocals slightly submerged, the song moving along on some shimmering synth work. The last two songs are Stillsound at his most open hearted – “Your Perfect” and “Beauty Queen” are lovey-dovey affairs full of diary-ready statements. Both go on a little too long…sharing your journal gets boring if you just keep writing the same stuff…but the latter in particular is an especially slinky affair, and one of Stillsound’s sweeter moments. Listen below.


Here’s some great weekend listening – Tokyo’s LLLL are releasing a new three-song set on the label Modular Field, and you can listen to the whole thing now. LLLL work in mysterious ways…they pop up to release great music at intervals, and then vanish for some time only to creep out of the shadows once again with something like this trio of tracks. MDF02 opens with one that’s familiar to anyone who have been following the group since they first appeared, the darty J-pop-meets-Jesse-Ruins “Because Of My Eyes,” which still sounds as good as it did when it first surfaced online a couple years back. Next up is “Odness,” an even zippier number fractured by digital scronk, the sound of a pop song breaking down on itself. It ends with the most straightforward…for them…song, “Far From Now.” Listen below.

New Boris: “Quicksilver”

Boris are back with a new album this June, called (appropriately enough) Noise. Well, here’s the world’s first taste of it with “Quicksilver.” It’s a driving number with some nice touches…like the screaming that’s just lurking a little lower in the mix. And it goes for just over seven minutes. Listen below.

New Avec Avec: “Moon Prism”

Avec Avec knows how to control a dancefloor, but geez this is a banger. Taking cues from Jersey Club music (which is pretty trendy in the indie-ish dance scene right now…see also Pa’s Lam System and DJ WILDPARTY among others), the Osaka producer creates a raucous song featuring chopped-and-pitched vocals, his usual offering of slinky synth and a really great beat. His music is usually something you marinate in, but this one is pure bounce-around material, punctuated by drippy-drop electronics and random samples upping the energy. Listen below.

New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: “Family Party”

Look, the song here is just OK…for a phoned-in movie tie-in, its better than most but that’s a lousy standard to aspire to. It glitches and pops like a possessed SNES, and dares to be fizzier than, say, Perfume’s “Mirai No Museum.”

The video, though, is great as ever. It’s some strange sports match between Kyary and a robot (controlled by an…octopus?…version of Kyary) featuring a language I think nobody can understand. Talk about shooting for universal appeal…leave everyone in the dark. Anyway, it’s great, watch it above.

(Should take a moment to mention the B-sides to both her singles this year are really great pieces of music!)