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Heartland Daze: CeeeSTee’s Toe / Chimney Up Bow

Building off a yesterday’s celebration of a nascent label, let’s turn our eyes to Kyoto’s NC4K. They’ve become a hub for some of Kansai’s more intriguing dance acts, having released highlights from Paperkraft and Stones Tarro. Now comes a two track set from CeeeSTee that pushes into delirious acid. Both “Toe” and “Chimney Up Bow” sound a touch faded, but the acid house touches add a sharpness and physicality to these songs that raises them above pure meditation (and which give them a real swing, like how “Chimney Up Bow” just loses itself as it keeps building and building). It’s another new side to NC4K, even if the main point is to remind that Kansai remains on top of the electronic game. Get it here, or listen below.