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Make Believe Mix For July 2012 Featuring Taquwami, Elen Never Sleeps And Rapunzel8083

Here’s a new Make Believe Mix, highlighting some of our favorite music from July. Lot of variety this time around, ranging from the fidgety electronic sounds of Taquwami, the dreamy meditations of Elen Never Sleeps, the indie-pop stylings of BOYISH and The Paellas, and the surrealist whatever-you-call-it music of Rapunzel8083.

Below is a list of artists and songs appearing in this month’s mix, in chronological order. All artists featured gave me permission to include their music in this mix.

Taquwami “Romantic Gaze”From the Blurrywonder EP.

Elen Never Sleeps “Slow (Neu)”Online release.

BOYISH “The Hidden Secrets”From The Hidden Secrets EP.

The Paellas “Following”From the Following EP.

Rapunzel8083 “Dalí Jazz”Online release.