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The Right Wave: nate And KUVIZM’s “Round Trip”

Somehow, the realm of “SoundCloud Rap” has turned out to be fertile ground for young Japanese artists in 2019. Some of the year’s most interesting music out of the country comes from creators taking cues from American acts like Lil Peep, but whereas other corners of hip-hop simply see imitation (or, worse, “experimental” rap that sounds like Scha Dara Parr left out in the sun) this new wave of kids use it as a template to find their own voices, whether that’s more reflective or downright giddy. nate and KUVIZM’s “Round Trip” offers another brief but memorable entry into this movement. The song finds a balance between more melodic singing and rap — all the while seeing nate’s voice coated in some electronic touches, numerous nate’s whirling around one another creating an effect that reminds me of Vocaloid more than anything else. KUVIZM’s beat, meanwhile, adds a slightly dreamy touch but leaves space for nate to their thing. Listen above.